Pathfinder Reference Document
Pathfinder Reference Document

Psychic Image

School illusion (shadow); Level psychic 9

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V

Range long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)

Effect one shadow duplicate

Duration 1 round/level (D)

Saving Throw Will disbelief (if interacted with); Spell Resistance yes

You envelop your consciousness in a quasi-real image of yourself. Your psychic image looks, sounds, and smells like you, but is intangible. While your mind occupies the image, you control it as though it were your own body, but you cannot directly affect physical objects. Your image moves with a fly speed of 60 feet and perfect maneuverability. Your senses perceive only what the image can see and hear while occupying it, and your own body is considered blind, deaf, and helpless. You can switch between the image and your body as a swift action. While your mind is in your body, the image is similarly helpless.

Your image can pass through solid objects as though you are incorporeal. It cannot go farther into a solid object than your space (5 feet for a Small or Medium creature). It can't be damaged by most attacks or effects, whether or not they affect incorporeal creatures. However, mind-affecting effects targeted against or affecting your psychic image have their full effect on you whenever your mind occupies it.

If you desire, you can cast any psychic spell or spell-like ability with a range of touch or greater while your mind occupies your image. You can't cast non-psychic spells through the image, even if you possess them. The psychic image can cast only psychic illusion spells on itself. The spells affect other targets normally, despite originating from the psychic image.

Objects are affected by the psychic image as if they had succeeded at their Will saves. You need not maintain line of effect to your psychic image, but if you cross into another plane even for an instant, such as via blink, dimension door, or similar spells, the spell ends.