Pathfinder Reference Document
Pathfinder Reference Document

Dream Voyage

School conjuration (teleportation) [mind-affecting]; Level psychic 9

This spell functions as dream travel, but you and your companions travel through the Dimension of Dreams in a fantastical vehicle of your own devising that halves the travel time. Only you can pilot the vessel, and you can do so even if you aren't inside it. Your psychic vehicle buffers minds from the intense emotional tides of the Dimension of Dreams, rendering everyone inside immune to harmful emotion and fear effects. Unlike with dream travel, there is no chance the vessel arrives off target. In addition, you need not have met the target creature, but in that case you must have at least a reliable description of it. However, if you attempt to travel there with insufficient or incorrect information, you do need to roll, using the false identity entry from dream travel.

Creatures that disembark from your vehicle can either enter the dreamscape or exit to the plane where the dreamer's body lies, arriving within 1 mile of the dreamer's body. All creatures that disembark from the vehicle onto a plane at the same time arrive in the same place. The dreamer can't prevent the dream voyagers from entering its dream, but can attempt a Will save to prevent a group of creatures from exiting to the plane where its body resides.

The psychic vehicle remains in the dream for the remainder of the spell's duration, even if it's unoccupied. A creature adjacent to the dreamer can reenter the dream vessel as a full-round action through an illusory portal only subjects of the spell can see. You can return the vessel to the point where you cast dream voyage to allow any number of passengers to return to that plane, and can return it to the dream again. Either of these trips takes the same amount of time as the initial travel, and can be done any number of times within the spell's duration. If the vessel moves out of a dreamscape, companions left behind can't return to the vessel by being near the dreamer. If a companion is killed, its body doesn't return to the dream voyage unless you carry it with you, just like any other object.

If the dreamer awakens while the dream vessel is still in its dream, it can allow the dream travelers to exit or not (as with dream travel). The dream vessel remains intact in the Dimension of Dreams for the spell's duration even if it's untethered from a dream. It drifts through dreams when this happens, and you can't pilot it to another dream (even a dream of the initial dreamer if that creature begins dreaming again). If you dismiss the spell at any time, you and all subjects within the dream vessel return to where you started on the Material Plane.

You can increase the number of companions you can bring on a dream voyage to 10 creatures per caster level, though to do so you must increase the casting time, maintaining your concentration and touching up to 6 creatures per round as a full-round action. If your concentration is disrupted before you touch all of the targets, the spell is wasted and has no effect. Once you have touched all of your companions, the dream voyage begins; however, its duration is reduced to 1 hour.