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Emerging from the open end of a long, conical shell, this huge creature's unblinking eyes peer from above a mass of tentacles.

Cameroceras CR 11

XP 12,800

N Huge animal (aquatic)

Init +6; Senses keen scent, low-light vision; Perception +15


AC 25, touch 10, flat-footed 23 (+2 Dex, +15 natural, -2 size)

hp 152 (16d8+80)

Fort +15, Ref +12, Will +10


Speed 5 ft., swim 20 ft., jet 90 ft.

Melee tentacles +19 (4d8+9/19-20 plus grab), bite +19 (2d8+9/19-20)

Space 15 ft.; Reach 15 ft.

Special Attacks constrict (4d8+13), enwrap


Str 28, Dex 14, Con 21, Int 2, Wis 17, Cha 5

Base Atk +12; CMB +23 (+27 grapple); CMD 35 (can't be tripped)

Feats Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Improved Critical (bite), Improved Critical (tentacles), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lunge, Skill Focus (Stealth), Vital Strike

Skills Perception +15, Stealth +14, Swim +17; Racial Modifiers +4 Perception

SQ pressure adaptation, shell, tentacles


Environment any oceans

Organization solitary or pair

Treasure incidental

Special Abilities

Enwrap (Ex) A cameroceras can maintain a grapple as a move action, as if it possessed the Greater Grapple feat, but if it does so, it must choose to pin its victim.

Pressure Adaptation (Ex) A cameroceras suffers no pressure damage at depths less than 1 mile, even if it is instantaneously moved to a different pressure.

Shell (Ex) As a move action, a cameroceras can pull its extremities into its shell along with up to one Medium or two Small or smaller grappled creatures, sealing the shell by sliding a movable “lid” into place. It cannot see, smell, or attack creatures outside its shell as long as it remains in this state, but its natural armor bonus to AC increases by 6 as long as it does. It cannot move except to swim vertically by altering the pressure of internal chambers; it loses its Dexterity bonus to AC against outside foes. A creature that escapes a grapple inside the cameroceras's shell emerges from the shell, which closes behind it. The shell's lid can be forced open with a grapple combat maneuver, attacked from the inside (AC 19), or attacked from the outside with a successful sunder combat maneuver. The shell's lid has hardness 10 and 15 hit points. The cameroceras can emerge from the shell as a free action.

Tentacles (Ex) A cameroceras's tentacles all strike as a single primary attack.

A primordial ambush predator often found in the depths where sunlight is too dim to support much plant life, the cameroceras is a grave danger to anyone who dares explore the ocean. A cameroceras can survive up to 1 mile beneath the surface, for its shell is strong enough to resist the water's pressure at such depths, though it cannot survive for long at greater depths. At times, hunger drives these beasts to higher, brighter waters. When a cameroceras enwraps prey in its tentacles, it can pull the helpless creature into its shell while sinking to the sea floor to feed at its leisure.

The average cameroceras is 25 feet long, the majority of which is its long shell. Because much of a cameroceras's shell is hollow, most specimens weigh only around 2,000 pounds. In addition to its grabbing tentacles, a cameroceras has four specialized tentacles that grant it a keen sense of smell.