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At first glance, this creature resembles a dragon, but its body is entirely made of plants and soil, and it exhales clouds of dirt.

Zomok CR 16

XP 76,800

N Gargantuan plant (extraplanar)

Init +4; Senses darkvision 120 ft., low-light vision, tremorsense 60 ft.; Perception +26


AC 33, touch 6, flat-footed 33 (+27 natural, –4 size)

hp 246 (17d8+170)

Fort +20, Ref +7, Will +13

Immune sonic, plant traits

Weaknesses vulnerable to fire


Speed 40 ft., fly 100 ft. (poor); forest step

Melee bite +20 (2d8+12), 2 claws +20 (2d6+12), tail slap +15 (2d8+6), 2 wings +15 (2d6+6)

Space 20 ft.; Reach 15 ft. (20 ft. with tail)

Special Attacks breath weapon (60-ft. cone, 18d6 bludgeoning plus entangle, Reflex DC 28 partial, usable every 1d4 rounds), swallow whole (6d6 bludgeoning damage, AC 23, 24 hp), trample (2d8+18, DC 30)

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 16th; concentration +24)

Constant—pass without trace

At will—command plants (DC 22), plant growth, quench (DC 21)

3/day—entangle (DC 19), liveoak, transmute mud to rock, transmute rock to mud, wall of thorns



Str 35, Dex 11, Con 30, Int 16, Wis 22, Cha 26

Base Atk +12; CMB +28 (+30 sunder); CMD 40 (42 vs. sunder, 44 vs. trip)

Feats Awesome Blow, Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack, Snatch

Skills Fly +10, Knowledge (nature) +20, Perception +26, Stealth +8, Survival +23

Languages Common, Sylvan, Terran


Environment any forests (primal land of fey)

Organization solitary

Treasure standard

Special Abilities

Breath Weapon (Su) A zomok's breath weapon is a cone of flying dirt, bark, stones, and moss, which takes root as soon as it touches the ground. Creatures may attempt a saving throw for half damage. Any creature that fails its save and is touching the ground is entangled for 1d6 rounds by this material. A creature can break free with a DC 28 Strength or Escape Artist check. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Forest Step (Su) A zomok in a forest area may teleport up to 120 feet by moving the essence of its being to another forested area. The zomok is cured of 60 points of damage when it does this. It may use this ability once every 1d6+1 rounds but no more than three times per day. If the zomok has swallowed a foe, the foe is left behind when the zomok teleports.

Zomoks are dragonlike creatures made out of animate plant matter. Native to the realm of the fey, they are guardians of mystic forests. Some travel to the Material Plane and adapt to its woodlands, defending them against massive destruction—forest fires, logging, undead armies, and so on—and use their abilities to heal and regrow damaged areas.

Rather than having a distinct physical body, a zomok is more like a spirit animating a collective mass of vegetation, and over time it sheds and acquires new material from its environment, changing its appearance to match its current location. Zomoks do not need to eat, and any creature they swallow is usually left behind as a mashed corpse to decay and provide nutrition for plants.

A typical zomok is about 18 feet tall and 30 feet long, and weighs 30 tons.