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Pathfinder Reference Document


Cloaked by wings of darkness, this horrific, skeletal creature appears to burn from within.

Ankou CR 14

XP 38,400

LE Large fey (extraplanar)

Init +13; Senses blindsense 120 ft., low-light vision; Perception +21


AC 31, touch 19, flat-footed 21 (+9 Dex, +1 dodge, +12 natural, –1 size)

hp 133 (14d6+84)

Fort +10, Ref +18, Will +13

DR 10/cold iron


Speed fly 90 ft. (perfect)

Melee 2 claws +14 (1d6+8), tail slap +9 (1d8+4 plus bleed), 2 wings +9 (1d8+4 plus bleed)

Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.

Special Attacks bleed (2d6), cold iron killer, shadow doubles, sneak attack +3d6

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 15th; concentration +22)

At will—deeper darkness, ray of exhaustion (DC 20), silence (self only)

3/day—dimensional anchor, greater teleport, true seeing

1/day—circle of death (DC 23), discern location, prismatic spray (DC 24)


Str 26, Dex 28, Con 22, Int 17, Wis 19, Cha 25

Base Atk +7; CMB +16; CMD 36

Feats Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Flyby Attack, Improved Initiative, Lightning Stance, Wind Stance

Skills Bluff +24, Escape Artist +26, Fly +32, Intimidate +21, Knowledge (nature) +20, Knowledge (planes) +17, Perception +21, Sense Motive +21, Stealth +22

Languages Common, Sylvan (can't speak any language); telepathy 100 ft.


Environment any (primal land of fey)

Organization solitary

Treasure standard

Special Abilities

Cold Iron Killer (Su) All of an ankou's natural weapons are treated as cold iron for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Shadow Doubles (Su) Once per day as a free action, an ankou can conjure up to four shadowy duplicates, which appear anywhere within 60 feet of the ankou and last a number of rounds equal to the ankou's Charisma modifier (typically 7 rounds). These shadow doubles are identical to the original in all respects except that when conjured they have a number of hit points equal to 20% of the true ankou's total hit points (26 hit points if conjured by an ankou with full hit points). The doubles have all of the true ankou's melee attacks and abilities, except they can't create more shadow doubles or use the ankou's spell-like abilities except for deeper darkness. Any creature that interacts with a shadow double can attempt a Will save to disbelieve the duplicate (DC 10 + 1/2 the ankou's Hit Dice + the ankou's Charisma modifier, typically DC 24). Against a creature that recognizes a shadow double for what it is, the double functions as a shadow conjuration (Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook 340). Shadow doubles take double damage from spells with the light descriptor. If the true ankou is slain, is rendered unconscious, or is ever more than 120 feet from a shadow double, the duplicates instantly vanish.

Ankous are assassins for powerful fey nobles, sent to kill, terrify, and torture. They never speak, only telepathically whisper their lord's verdict to victims. A typical ankou is 10 feet tall and has an 8-foot wingspan, but weighs less than 100 pounds.