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Table: Rings
MinorMediumMajorRingMarket Price
01–10Dungeon ring, prisoner's250 gp
11–40Arcane signets1,000 gp
41–8001–25Maniacal Devices5,000 gp
81–9526–46Delayed doom (1 stone)5,000 gp
96–10047–52Forcefangs8,000 gp
53–59Revelation, lesser10,000 gp
60–7001–02Delayed doom (2 stones)10,000 gp
71–8003–11Delayed doom (3 stones)15,000 gp
81–8512–29Retribution15,000 gp
86–9030–35Dungeon ring, jailer's16,000 gp
91–9636–38Revelation, greater16,000 gp
97–9839–68Delayed doom (4 stones)20,000 gp
9969Revelation, superior24,000 gp
10070–85Delayed doom (5 stones)25,000 gp
86–93Delayed doom (6 stones)30,000 gp
94–97Delayed doom (7 stones)35,000 gp
98–99Delayed doom (8 stones)40,000 gp
100Delayed doom (9 stones)45,000 gp

These rings follow the normal rules for magic rings as described in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.

Dungeon Ring

Aura moderate divination; CL 8th

Slot ring; Price 16,000 gp (jailer's ring), 250 gp (prisoner's ring); Weight


A jailer's dungeon ring is worked gold, set with a carnelian. The ring is magically attuned to one or more iron prisoner's dungeon rings. When the wearer of a jailer's ring places a prisoner's ring on a subject, the prisoner cannot remove the ring without the use of a remove curse, limited wish, miracle, or wish spell. The wearer of the jailer's ring can also remove a linked prisoner's ring at any time.

The jailer is aware of any wearer of a linked prisoner's ring like a constant status spell. Additionally, all wearers of linked prisoner's rings count as familiar to the jailer for purposes of spells such as scrying and teleport.


Requirements Forge Ring, scrying, status; Cost 8,000 gp (jailer's ring), 125 gp (prisoner's ring)

Ring of Arcane Signets

Aura faint universal; CL 1st

Slot ring; Price 1,000 gp; Weight


The amorphous, approximately 1-inch-square chunk of rosy crystal that dominates this otherwise plain copper ring forms itself into a specific rune, sigil, or similar identifying marker each time a person first puts it on. If the wearer expects this to occur, he can cause the crystal to adopt any shape he wishes. If the wearer does not expect this to occur, the crystal instead molds itself into an image that symbolizes the wearer or some dominant facet of his personality. Once the crystal assumes this initial form, it always does so whenever the wearer puts on the ring. The wearer can, as a standard action, embed this image on any object (as if using arcane mark) simply by pressing the ring against it. The wearer may choose the color and other cosmetic features of the image each time he uses the ring. The brand is otherwise permanent unless removed by dispel magic, erase, or a more powerful spell.


Requirements Forge Ring, arcane mark; Cost 500 gp

Ring of Delayed Doom

Aura moderate conjuration; CL 9th

Slot ring; Price 45,000 gp; Weight


This band has nine garnets embedded along its exterior. Whenever the wearer's mind or body first becomes subject to any harmful effect that allows a saving throw to resist or mitigate it, he may, as an immediate action, choose to delay the onset of that effect for 1 minute, after he fails the saving throw but before its effects occur. This activation causes one of the garnets to turn to powder. When that minute passes, the wearer may continue to delay the onset of this harmful effect an additional minute as an immediate action by willing the ring to do so, which destroys another garnet, thus repeating the cycle for another minute. The delayed harmful effect occurs when the wearer falls unconscious, when the ring is removed, or 1 minute after the last time the ring's power activated; rounds spent delaying the effect do not count toward the effect's duration (for example, a curse that lasts 5 rounds takes effect for a full 5 rounds, even if the wearer delayed its effect several minutes). Effects that protect against or negate the harmful effect work normally while it is delayed, for example, neutralize poison cast on the wearer while he delays the effect of a poisonous bite removes the poison effect.


Requirements Forge Ring, heal, time stop; Cost 22,500 gp

Ring of Forcefangs

Aura moderate evocation; CL 9th

Slot ring; Price 8,000 gp; Weight


This band negates any force spell or spell-like ability targeted at the wearer. Doing so gives the ring a number of charges equal to the spell level of the incoming force effect. The ring can hold a maximum of nine charges. If an incoming force attack would charge the ring beyond this limit, the ring does not negate the attack or gain charges, and the attack affects the wearer normally. On command, the wearer can use the ring's charges to cast magic missile, unleashing one missile (1d4+1 force damage) per charge but no more than five missiles per round.


Requirements Forge Ring, Heighten Spell, magic missile; Cost 4,000 gp

Ring of Maniacal Devices

Aura faint transmutation; CL 3rd

Slot ring; Price 5,000 gp; Weight


This deceptively precious looking ring grants the wearer a +5 competence bonus on all Craft (traps) and Disable Device checks. Even if he has no ranks in these skills, the wearer may make Craft (traps) and Disable Device checks as if he were trained in them.


Requirements Forge Ring, fox's cunning, creator must have 5 ranks in the relevant skill; Cost 2,500 gp

Ring of Retribution

Aura strong evocation; CL 13th

Slot ring; Price 15,000 gp; Weight


Once per day, the wearer of this charred bone ring may, as an immediate action, cause it to detonate in a 30-foot-radius burst that deals 10d6 points of fire damage (Reflex DC 14 half). If the wearer is killed by the detonation, all magical equipment he carries must also save or take fire damage, and all nonmagical equipment takes this damage with no saving throw. This explosion never destroys the ring.


Requirements Forge Ring, Quicken Spell, fireball; Cost 7,500 gp

Ring of Revelation

Aura faint or moderate varied; CL 5th (lesser), 7th (greater), or 11th (superior)

Slot ring; Price 10,000 gp (lesser), 16,000 gp (greater), 24,000 gp (superior); Weight


A ring of revelation is a divine item attuned to a particular oracular mystery and containing a revelation associated with that mystery (see the oracle class description). While wearing the ring, an oracle has access to that revelation and may use it as if she had it as a normal class feature. The oracle must have the appropriate mystery to use the ring, and must meet the level requirements (if any) of the revelation itself; for example, a ring of revelation (combat healer) is only usable by an oracle of at least 7th level with the battle mystery. If the oracle already has that revelation and the revelation gives an ability with a limited number of uses per day, the oracle can use that ability one additional time per day. The ring has no effect if worn by a non-oracle.

A lesser ring of revelation contains a revelation that has no level prerequisite or a prerequisite that is less than 6th level. A greater ring of revelation contains a revelation that requires the oracle to be 7th level or higher. A superior ring of revelation contains a revelation that requires the oracle to be 11th level or higher.


Requirements Forge Ring, creator must be an oracle with the desired revelation; Cost 5,000 gp (lesser), 8,000 gp (greater), 12,000 gp (superior)